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Date: 14 Nov 2023

Location: Semenyih, 10, MY, 43500

Company: IJM Group

Job Description

  • Create information structure of every new vessel into the Ship System.
  • To receive EDI (baplie) for discharge moves, moving [Shipping Instruction] for load moves including summaries of special cargo list [OOG/RE/DG/UDAB] from Shipping Agent / Central Planner at least 12 hours before vessel arrives.
  • To create vessel visit call in the Ship System.
  • To check and verify the process of inbound EDI by downloading into ships system and inform shipping agent if there are any errors of failure to retrieve.
  • Submit the inbound EDI to CTOS to update discharge containers with slot positions into CTOS.
  • Download the discharge information from baplie into ship system [CTOS].
  • And verify if there are any discrepancies between EDI and Discharge list given by the shipping agent.
  • Revert to Shipping Line on the discharge discrepancies and update the information into CTOS.
  • Download moving or input loading prestow as per stowage instruction into ship system.
  • To check with CTOS that all the discharge, loading and restow (if any) information are correct. Key-in or update.
  • Check and verify with the shipping agent or central planner if there are any discrepancies between load list and stowage instruction. Update stowage instruction (pre-stow in the ship system).
  • Check and confirm with Berth Planning/tide table on vessel Berthing Side.
  • To plan crane assignment and sequence for optimum and efficient vessel operations and simultaneously, to avoid and crane clashes.
  • To update Berth Planning and Operations on the crane split.
  • Work closely with Yard Planning on the updating containers stack (yard shifting and consolidation)
  • To ensure that all the changes of the containers stacking are update accordingly by Yard Planning.
  • To ensure cut off – local expected containers – 10 hours before vessel ETA. For customs hold, transhipment, ITT, CFS containers – 4 hours before vessel ETA.
  • Do a final downloading before preparing loading plan to ensure that the most updated information is captured in the ships system.
  • Prepare loading plan. (Either auto or manual plan).
  • Check for any shifting or RTG clashes and to fine-tune the sequence to minimize shifting or RTG clashes in the yard.
  • Check for stack weight limitations.
  • Send provisional plan to shipping line/central planner for their verification at least 6 hours before vessel ETA.
  • Adjust loading plan as per requirement (if any) based on feedback from shipping line or central planner.
  • Upload loading sequence to yard system (dispatchers) for operation purposes.
  • Print out discharge/loading plan, discharge/loading sequence, including discharge/loading letter plan for distribution and submit to operations before vessel berth.
  • To complete the planning processes including distribution at least 2 hours before vessel is berthed.





Bachelor Degree in Business Administration

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